Meet Jon Benjamin in the bathroom and 20 other weekend ideas

h. jon benjamin
Meet him in the bathroom at Union Hall. Go on, do it. via Facebook

1. Prove you know the most about Doctor Who and impress the nerd guy/girl of your dreams at Doctor Who trivia at powerHouse Arena (Friday)

2. Cool Show (not lame) is a variety show at Legion that’s gotta be cool, just look at the name! (Friday)

3. The WB Film Festival has nothing to do with Warner Brothers and everything to do with Videology and independent filmmaking in Williamsburg (Friday)

4. Jon Benjamin, who’s only the voice of Sterling Archer, is going to be at Union Hall, and he wants you to meet him in the bathroom and tell him all your secrets (Friday)

5. Brooklyn Rugby is celebrating the release of their 2014 Men of Rugby Calendar, and if there’s anything we know about rugby players it’s that those dudes can drink (Friday)

6. The Renegade Craft Fair and Holiday Market is for rebels, loners and other assorted outcasts who want some lovely handmade Christmas gifts (Saturday)

7. The Children’s Book Fair at the Brooklyn Museum is the perfect place to get your niece of nephew the perfect gift to make up for the fact that you always forget their name (Saturday)

8. Head to Smorgasburg to hear awesome tales of Brooklyn cooking from all over the borough (Saturday)

9. Go on a scavenger hunt around the Brooklyn Museum. One with official endorsement, not the kind where you and your friends drunkenly broke in to have one (Saturday)

10. Well OK, it’s time for the Day of the Doctor, and we understand there’s going to be WAR and that’s always exciting (Saturday)

11. See the awesome sculpture garden at Green-Wood, Brooklyn’s most welcoming cemetery for both the living and the dead (Saturday)

12. It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, so that’s as good an excuse as any to go to a Bulleit bourbon tasting at The Greene Grape (Saturday)

13. You might think it’s silly to have a party celebrating the fact that Bushwick has a bike vending machine now, but look at it this way: you love to party (Saturday)

14. The Cobra Club is hosting a burlesque show called “Rock ‘n’ Roll Nudie Show,” but it’s only called that because zoning laws prevent them from calling it “LIVE NUDE GIRLS” (Saturday)

15. Nitehawk has a film festival of their own, with so many short films you’ll never be able to go back to those boring long ones (Saturday and Sunday)

16. Nitehawk’s short film festival goes the after dark route with insane music videos and strange animation (Saturday)

17. The Super Bowl hype committee is coming to Prospect Park, and since it’s the closest either of them will get to the big game this year, you just might run in to Eli Manning or Geno Smith (Sunday)

18. Go to a Sausage Fest at The Bell House. Not in the slang sense, it really is a festival celebrating sausages. Of course, because of that, we do expect mostly dudes there (Sunday)

19. The folks at The Woods know that what you really want after Sunday brunch is a dance party with $6 margarita pitchers, so that’s exactly what they’re giving you (Sunday)

20. After taking Saturday off, for the Sabbath or something, the WB Festival comes back to Videology for a second day (Sunday)

21. Brooklyn Bowl knows it’s a school night, but they’re going to be bad influences anyway and encourage you to get drunk and dance all night (Sunday)

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