Meet Joe Lohta. Leave your tomatoes at home

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Smiling because he can’t hear you cursing him

Slowly but surely, the mayoral race is taking shape. It’ll take a little time to click into high gear, but before that happens, candidates have to get out there and get themselves known, maybe get the occasional fundraising scandal. In a city full of liberals, it’s especially important for the Republican candidates to get their names out there and assure New York’s voters that they aren’t the kind of GOP pols that Peter King warned you about. Joe Lohta, former MTA chief and possibly the most well-known of the Republican candidates, is continuing his early campaigning this weekend in Cobble Hill, appearing at the Brooklyn Young Republican Club’s Meet the Mayoral Candidates series.

This will probably be a friendlier crowd than Lohta will usually face as he keep punching his way towards Gracie Mansion, and while we don’t encourage anyone to show up and be a disruptive jerk, there’s no reason you can’t go and ask about endless fare hikes or the SwipeBack program. Or, you can even just hear the guy out, since despite working for Rudy Giuliani, Lohta is a professed social liberal and seems to be more of a financial and wonk conservative. At the very least, it’ll have to be interesting to listen to a guy attached at the hip to one of New York’s most loathed government agencies explain why he can win the most votes in the city.

Meet the Mayoral Candidates Series, March 10, 2pm – 4pm, Ceol, 191 Smith Street, Cobble Hill, FREE

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  1. unbelievable! Just learned from a friend about Bill ‘a dollar borrowed is a dollar earned’ de Blasio! Unreal – the guy is a serial deadbeat, borrowing and borrowing and borrowing some more! He’s taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in by refinancing not only his house but the one he inherited from his mother over the past 8 years. I’m so disillusioned. Who do I vote for now! His favorite lenders: Wall Street Mortgage Bankers and JP Morgan! Check it out on NYC ACRIS — all a matter of public record. Today sucks my friend. Never considered pulling the lever for some guy named Lota but then how can we trust a deadbeat with NYC for crying out loud

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