Meet your fellow media mavens at BRIC’s BK Media Maker Meet-Up

bric house
It’ll be like this, but everyone will be dressed worse because we’re bloggers. via Facebook

So you came here to Brooklyn to conquer the media world. Maybe your plan is working, maybe you’re floating around wondering what you’re doing still. Either way, it couldn’t hurt to meet a few people and check out some resources available for your campaign of domination. So in the spirit, BRIC is stepping up and hosting the BK Media Maker Meet-Up on Monday, November 10, where you can hang out and meet your fellow media dominators, have some drinks, check out some equipment and plot media domination with other people instead of doing it by your lonesome.

The Media Maker Meet-Up will be your classic mixer, with the likes of writers, photographers, producers and even bloggers all getting together and hanging out, talking about what they’re up to (but not giving away too much lest someone steal your idea) and seeing if there’s room for collaboration. It’s gonna be at the BRIC House (647 Fulton Street) though, so there’s some cool twists, like the ability to check out all the camera and lighting equipment BRIC has to offer community media makers, along with their editing suites and TV production studio. You’ll also be able to play around in front of their green screen, which is a thing you don’t often get to do.

Oh, and while we know you all have tote bags, the first 100 people to show up are gonna get free BRIC tote bags, but before you roll your eyes, almost every guest is gonna get a free drink ticket. You can never have enough free drink tickets, so make sure you make it there early enough to snag one of those at least. Plus, there’ll be some raffle prizes to win too. So all of that, plus the chance to see the cool resources available to you at BRIC plus the chance to meet a new collaborator or six, all for free? See you there.

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