(Maybe) do the time warp and 14 weekend ideas

T-t-t-t-t-t-touch me
T-t-t-t-t-t-touch me

1. It’s a free screening of either Rocky Horror or Labyrinth, the choice is yours: the time warp or uh, that thing from the movie we never saw. Choose wisely! (Friday)

2. Comedy troupe Sylvan is doing a free secret show with free beer, but they won’t tell you the address until you text them. Is this a plot by the Joker? Or that dude from Saw? Only one way to find out! (Friday)

3. Speaking of murder, Brooklyn Launchpad is hosting a murder mystery beach party (Friday)

4. Or stay away from murder entirely and watch some short animated movies at Rooftop Films’ Animation Block Party in Gowanus (Friday)

5. Sunset Park is celebrating dance with free classes of all styles. Don’t be a wallflower, get out there and shake your ass! (Saturday)

6. The time has come for the Bushwick Block Party, where Action Bronson will feed you both food and rhymes. Well, aren’t you lucky? (Saturday)

7. Found out why Silent Barn is an iconic Brooklyn venue by checking out a free reading in their outdoor space (Saturday)

8. Freddy’s is showing a screening of Under the Bus, a documentary about the recent school bus driver strike. Which side are you on? (Saturday)

9. Nerd dance party Pulsewave is giving their latest event over to DJs from the far-off land of Quebec. A viva Pulsewave, a viva Quebec! (Saturday)

10. Spend 24 hours making a 24-page zine from scratch with a bunch of other wild and crazy art kids (Saturday and Sunday)

11. Brooklyn’s oldest house celebrates Brooklyn’s oldest tradition: sitting on a stoop and playing dominoes. And other games, too (Sunday)

12. Take a class and learn how to make your own mozzarella and then be insufferable and talk about how good yours is when eating other mozzarella (Sunday)

13. Check out Mettle, a documentary about the life of picking through the trash for recyclables and how it’s risky and illegal (Sunday)

14. Or check out some lighter fare as Freddy’s shows Meatballs and Little Darlings. Who knows, maybe Bill Murray will be there, he’s been showing up all over Brooklyn (Sunday)

15. Larry and His Flask step in to entertain you at the Knitting Factory. No, they’re a bluegrass band, not a guy on stage drinking a flask. That would just be sad (Sunday)

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