Master time and space and nine other things to do this weekend

So, you coming, or what?
So, you coming, or what?

1. Arts group nuMad has a bunch of their work to show off, and they’re so excited about it that they’re having a party (Friday)

2. Rock and roll wild men Wild Yaks help rock a packed bill at Living Bread (Friday)

3. See the dead baseball legends buried at Green-Wood Cemetery. Hopefully while you’re there Hell doesn’t run out of room and the dead start walking the Earth (Saturday)

4. What’s the Red Hook Crit? Oh, ho hum, just another high-risk bike race. Yawn. Wait! We mean AWESOME (Saturday)

5. Ordinarily you shouldn’t take chances with wolves, but when it refers to a record collective taking over music at Freddy’s, than yes, you should (Saturday)

6. Queer but also too grown for those damn kids who are queer? Jack has you covered with a queer party for grown-ass adults (Saturday)

7. The Way Station sends their TARDIS into overdrive as they show the Dr. Who season premiere three times in one day (Sunday)

8. Tell your friends…or actually don’t tell your friends about this incredible comedy lineup at the Bell House with W. Kamau Bell, Janeane Garofalo and Wyatt Cenac. Because then it’ll sell out. Christ, we can’t believe we told you about it (Sunday)

9. No better way to celebrate Easter than learning at the feet of the Killer Nun (Sunday)

10. Get your televised rape, incest and dragons courtesy of Game of Thrones from either Halyards or Chez Lola (Sunday)

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