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Martin Amis reportedly hates Brooklyn now, because hipsters

Look at this fucking hipster. via the London Evening Standard
Look at this fucking hipster. via the London Evening Standard

Last summer, we celebrated Martin Amis moving to Brooklyn, and all the nice things he said about us. But, like so many stories of country bumpkins moving to the big city with big dreams only to see them dashed against the rocks, Amis’ story has taken a bitter turn, according to London’s Evening Standard:

“He finds it terribly transactional and, ironically given he was viewed as a literary hipster, he views the Brooklyn hipster scene as populated by conventional posers,” says my man on the street corner. “He doesn’t go out as much as he did and has developed a reputation as a curmudgeon.”

Of course, hating Brooklyn because of hipsters when people consider you a hipster is the most Brooklyn thing that can possibly happen, so maybe Amis is just fitting right in.


  1. D Towne

    I don’t think he’s a jerk and I don’t think he means to say that he has issue with everyone in Brooklyn. I totally get it. The man is a true intellectual that used to hold court with the late and very erudite Christopher Hitchens. Hipsters, especially the Williamsburg variety, look ridiculous, and try too hard to appear ironic. It’s very easy to imagine them bothering this guy when he goes out, trying to come off as hip intellectuals and annoying the crap our of him. Men like Amise can see through that BS immediately.

  2. Chris

    There really aren’t that many hipsters, it’s not as big a deal as everyone makes it. Stay away from the Bedford avenue between the Bedford cheese shop and the Gibson and you’ll pretty much avoid it all together.

  3. Listen, I know Martin Amis very well. Very very well, and let me say he does NOT HATE BROOKLYN. In fact he prefers Brooklyn over London and loves his local area, and really feels at home. Before all you gossiping yuppies overhear something, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Seriously, piss off. Get out of people’s business and stop making up crap

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