Clinton Hill/ Fort Greene

Martha Stewart coming to the Brooklyn Flea!

Martha is bringing her skillz to BK

Everyone loves the Brooklyn Flea—Thurston Moore, Neil Patrick Harris, that guy from Flight of the Conchords, and now… Martha Stewart!

We’ve got confirmation from two different vendors that the wreath-making-one herself is going to be popping in to the Fort Greene flea market on Saturday to film an episode of her show, the eponymously named Martha. Vendors said her staff stopped by on a recent weekend to sample some of the items and scope the place out.  She normally shoots at Chelsea Studios on West 26th Street, so she’s not that far away to begin with.

We’ve never actually watched Martha’s show, so our ability for witty comments here is a bit stunted, but we know it involves a lot of cooking and craftiness and homemade whatsitdodads. Maybe the Brooklyn Flea is the jumping-off point for Martha’s home-decorating-on-the-cheap campaign? Perhaps some well-deserved love for all those DIY craftoholics that sell their wares each weekend? Maybe she’s trying to show that daytime audience where to get a rare 70s femullet track suit doll?

What do you think she’s doing? Guesses in the comments! Best one wins a hand-knitted satin bedspread infused with béchamel sauce and sprinkled with a light hint of chicory.

The Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene is every Saturday through Nov. 21 at 176 Lafayette Ave.


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