Mama Brokelyn Mondays: Did you know DSW sells kids’ shoes online?

Oh no, is this what it’s come to?

This tip might be a bit bougie for those of you with a Tom’s-only footwear policy, but we know for a fact that there are some hardcore DSW fans in the brokesphere too. (Love those birthday coupons!) If you’re one of them, and a parent, you may have noted how annoying it is that DSW doesn’t sell kids’ shoes. Actually they do — but only online. You don’t get to play red-green-purple sticker blackjack like you do in the clearance racks, but they seem to have some decent stuff  on the site. And you can return kids’ shoes to the adult stores too. There’s also a useful print-out shoe-size ruler that helps drive home how your kid’s foot has grown three sizes since you last sprung for a new pair. Ok, here’s DSW. Now back to our regularly scheduled Spike Lee movie giveaway.

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