Get out of the house with the kids, courtesy of Congregation Beth Elohim


If your kids aren’t this calm, we have help. via Apartment Therapy

With school closed again tomorrow, parents might be wondering not only how they’re going to deal with downed trees everywhere but how to deal with kids that have been cooped up for three or four days now. To provide some relief, Congregation Beth Elohim in Park Slope will open their doors to Brooklyn tomorrow, between 9:30am and 3pm, inviting children and their parents to have a space to gather that isn’t their same four walls.

CBE promises sports equipment will be available in their gym and their pool will be open with a lifeguard on duty from 11am – 2pm. Don’t just drop your kids off and go to brunch though, children will have to be under adult supervision at all times. The congregation has also promised clergy will be on hand to speak with anyone having any personal issues. They’re also welcoming any volunteers to lead a project, help set things up or clean up. Contact them at [email protected] to get things rolling.

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