Your lucky day: Sailor Jerry giving out free cherry tattoos on Sunday

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Now everyone can know you’re sweet as pie. via Flickr user Idiolector

The Super Bowl might be on Sunday, but maybe you hate football. Or maybe you’ll be watching at a bar in Williamsburg, but the game will be a complete blowout because Peyton Manning will revert to his days of coming up small in big games (we can only hope). In that case, you’ll need something else to do, and fortunately for you, Sailor Jerry is stepping up by having a free tattoo party at Williamsburg’s Passenger Bar (229 Roebling Street) Sunday night at 8pm. Talk about getting lucky.

The free tattoos are being given in celebration of nightlife gentleman and BlackBook blogger Steve Lewis’ birthday. But even if you don’t know who he is, or what nightlife is, you can still show up and get a free cherry tattoo, courtesy of Fineline Tattoos. Or you can drink a couple of Sailor Jerry rum drink specials to work up the bravery to finally get it over with and get your first tattoo. There’s a phrase for that, doing something for the first time, it’s just escaping out minds right now.

After you get inked up, because like any proper birthday party, there’s going to be dancing all night with special guest DJs providing tunes and doing their best to help you forget you just watched a 49-21 blowout.

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