Love your job: RT Book Reviews needs an editor

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You’ve clawed your way to an editorial position at a magazine or blog or newspaper, but you’ve found that editing stories about farm equipment isn’t much more fun than writing them. Still, you have a passion for editing and you want to keep doing it. In that case, take your passion over to RT Book Reviews, the book review magazine for people passionate about romance, sci-fi, fantasy and erotica novels, because they need an associate editor.

Unlike some other jobs we alert you to that don’t need much in the way of experience, RT would like someone with at least two years of editorial experience. We can see why, because you’ll have a lot of responsibilities, from assigning stories to editing reviews, interviewing authors and managing giveaways. Plus you’ll need to be familiar with InDesign style sheets.

That being said, you’ll be able to bury your face in books for a living, which to a certain subset of you, probably sounds like a goddamn dream. To us too, actually. Plus, you’ll be able to stay in Brooklyn, since RT’s office is in lovely Downtown, which could allow you to take advantage of the free Ohio Players concert that’s part of [email protected]. They’ve got a song called “Love Rollercoaster,” so it’d be work-related. Kind of.

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