Love and Rockets and book swaps and nine other things to do this weekend

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Think they still look as good after 30 years?

1. Love and Rockets celebrates 30 years on the Earth. Together in one title we mean. Separately rockets are a little over 70 and love doesn’t really exist. (Friday)

2. Go see Zoolander, just remember that it contributed to possibly the worst Beastie Boys lyrics ever. (Friday and Saturday)

3. Making fun of rockstars has never been so fun. Or so drunk. OPEN BAR, Y’ALL! (Friday and Saturday)


5. Learn about Brooklyn’s farming history. Bring your own butter churner. JKJK, there are plenty of churners to go around. (Saturday)

6. Go to the Brooklyn Scrabble Championships. Just maybe leave your significant other at home. (Saturday)

8. When you hit on ladies who arm wrestle, you get hit on right back. In the face. Part of Et cetera 2012. (Saturday)

7. Prepare for the end times by learning to can. And if the world doesn’t end, at least you know how to preserve food. (Sunday)

9. Tony Danza is among many big names  at the Brooklyn Book Festival, but it’s because he has a book out, not because he’s there repping “TV Actors Against Reading.” (Sunday)

10. Speaking of the Book Festival, we have another book swap. Tim’s bringing a bunch of books and he’s going to sign a few of them, because he’s a rampant egoist and thinks you’re lucky to own books he’s owned. (Sunday)

11. Did you guys know Kurt Vonnegut made a cameo as himself in Back to School? You do now, so you can’t un-know it. (Sunday)

Listings taken from the Brokelyn events calendar. Add your event today!

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