Looks like the city’s municipal ID program starts Monday

nyc municipal id
There’s still a little bit of beta testing to do though. via The Blinker

Good news for anyone out there who really wants to show the world they live in New York fuckin’ City, or wants to get a bunch of sweet discounts when visiting our treasured arts and culture centers: according to an accidentally leaked document, the city’s municipal ID program launches this Monday, January 12. There was no word in the leaked documents about whether or not the ID cards would identify you as being from “Fear City,” so we guess we’ll have to wait and see what kind of sway the police unions have over the launch.

All joking aside, hooray for this news. The news comes courtesy of the New York Observer, who noticed a foolish City Council staffer accidentally tweeting details of the launch, the most pertinent one being that the program kicks off on January 12. The city will have 11 permanent enrollment centers, according to the Observer and will also be offering ID enrollment at the five  libraries in the city that get the most visitors.

While most of you probably have photo ID at the moment, none of those are the official photo ID of New York City, aka Real America, and none of those IDs will get you discounts at places like BAM, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Museum of the Moving Image or the Bronx Zoo, among other places.


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