NYC municipal ID will get you a slew of discounts from NYC’s cultural giants

Get culture for free (via Facebook/BrooklynMuseum)
Get culture for free (via Facebook/BrooklynMuseum)

#deblasio’s New York is shaping up to be a good place for people who like free stuff.

Signed into law this past July, municipal ID cards will become available to New York City residents, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. The municipal ID works instead of a state ID, like a drivers license (because New Yorkers really need those…), and offers perks like the ability to get a library card or a bank account. And, now free and discounted admission to some of NYC’s finest cultural institutions!

While the NYC won’t quite be a discount card, pe se, it has a bit more value than your Konditori punch card. TheĀ 33 cultural institutions in all five boroughs that make up the Cultural Institutions Group have committed to offering memberships, discounts and local perks with your ID.

In Brooklyn, BAM will offer two membership options: a Friends of BAM package or BAM Cinema Club membership, and the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and Brooklyn Children’s museum will all offer membership perks (including guest passes and cafe discounts!) to those with an NYC ID. Municipal ID Cards will be available in January 2015, and we’ll be first in line considering these discounts.

Being a resident of NYC can be pretty damn expensive, but maybe an ID will help it pay off.


  1. this is amazing! there are so many things! if i understand correctly, if i wanted to get the bam cinema package, i just need to muni ID and i get all the benefits listed on the page?

    where do we go to get one?

  2. I assume all you’ll need to get an ID is a utility bill.
    What kind of ID do you need to pay a ConEd bill in NYC?
    I want to create a fake identity to get these goodies and figure
    that would be the way to go.

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