Look who’s riding the Night Train tonight: It’s Questlove!

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Questlove bought his ticket. Have you?

Living in Brooklyn means that even your usual Monday night comedy show could see an A-lister pop in just because they’re around. Last month, Marc Maron was in town for Letterman, so he dropped in to Night Train to tell everyone a story about Carl Reiner. And tonight, not just content with hosting the very funny Kate Berlant, Wyatt Cenac also has drummer for The Roots, bandleader for Jimmy Fallon’s late night band and newly published author Questlove dropping in!

Questlove isn’t usually one for standup comedy, not any that we know of anyway, but he’s been staying busy using his words. Aside from his book, he’s also the author of an essay about being black and seen as suspicious that set the internet on fire last week. Wyatt and Questlove previously teamed up to do some celebrity bartending for Sandy relief a few months ago, so we know they’re used to working together. Whether things will take a turn for the serious, or whether he’s just gonna do crazy drum solos we couldn’t tell you, but we can guarantee you won’t want to miss this.

And not just for Questlove either. One of our favorite comedians, Kate Berlant, is going to be taking the stage tonight, and will be joined by fellow comics  Rob Cantrell, Joe DeRosa, Doogie Homer and David Smithyman. Plus tonight’s show offers a surprise, on top of the surprise Questlove appearance. So make sure your heart is healthy enough to be completely shocked, at more than the $5 price, we suppose.

Night Train with Wyatt Cenac, tonight, 7:30pm, Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Gowanus, $5 advance, $8 door

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