A couple of hams: Pork Slope welcomes Wyatt Cenac and ?uestlove for a Sandy benefit

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Maybe leave the puppet at home while bartending Wyatt. Photo via 92YTribeca on Flickr.

The holidays are always over indulgent, but this year it’s a double whammy of festiveness with constant “drinking+eating+shopping for Sandy relief” events on top of all the normal yuletide excess. It’s a marathon not a sprint people. Here’s another one for your calendar next week: On Tuesday, Dec. 18, Pork Slope is hosting a Sandy fundraiser featuring Brooklyn’s own (now former) Daily Show correspondent and host of Night Train Wyatt Cenac behind the bar and resident celebri-DJ ?uestlove manning tunes.

According to Here’s Park Slope, Pork Slope will donate all tips and proceeds from their Slippery Slope special (daily rotating beer+shot special for $5) to the Brooklyn Recovery Fund, which to date has raised more than $1.5 million to benefit neighborhood-based organizations on the frontline of recovery efforts in Coastal Brooklyn. There will also be a raffle–2 tickets for $20–for a pair of tickets for the Nets v. Lakers showdown at Barclays on Feb. 5.

If you haven’t tried Pork Slope yet, get past the kind of hokey name and check this place out. The food is Top Chef at a honky-tonk BBQ quality at very reasonable prices. With a $5 beer+shot combo every night of the week, they’re very broke-friendly (except for our veg friends, who would hate this place because of the permeating aroma of porky goodness but are seriously missing out). The Porky Melt ($7) with a side of Tots ($4) is perfect belly lining.

There are no tickets or reservations, so get there early if you want to get in, and super early if you want a seat.

Pork Slope (247 Fifth Ave.) Sandy Fundraiser feat. Wyatt Cenac & DJ ?uestlove, Tuesday Dec. 18, 9pm-2am.

P.S. Don’t forget Wyatt Cenac will also be partying with us at the No Office Holiday Party on Thursday, Dec. 20, at Littlefield. Get tickets to party with the coworkers you wish you had here.

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