Long Island Islanders returning to Barclays Center in September

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Still the best suggested Islanders rebrand we’ve come across. via the New York Post

In between hosting country music concerts, for all of Brooklyn’s many country fans coming from Brooklyn’s 385 country music bars, the Barclays Center hosts sporting events. If you missed our previous inflammatory article discussing it, you might not know that aside from the Nets, the Islanders will be calling Barclays home soon. And since one game watching the Islanders play hockey wasn’t enough to make fans vow to never come back, Barclays will be hosting another pre-season game on September 26.

The game, which is probably the shittiest 30th birthday present certain Brokelyn writers could get short of death itself, will be against the Devils, and will allow the people of Brooklyn to see the exciting hockey played by the two New York-area teams that aren’t in the playoffs. Tickets for the game go on sale at the Barclays website at noon on Friday, if for whatever reason you want to watch a couple of garbage teams play garbage hockey.

Coincidentally, Friday is also a day you could watch New York’s best professional sports team at the moment, the New York Rangers, face off agains the hated Flyers in actual playoff hockey at say, Rocky Sullivan’s. But hey, it’s your life, we’re not gonna talk you out of your awful sports decisions.

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  1. Stop complaining about the fact that you get to see some free hockey, man. Not to mention the Devils almost won the cup two years ago, and the Islanders are in good standing to make the playoffs next year. Maybe you should watch some hockey before you trash talk for no reason. Clearly you just don’t like the sport.

    • Who said anything about the hockey being free? Maybe you should have read down the last paragraph where I clearly indicate my allegiance to the New York Rangers, who are perfect and wonderful. I like hockey so much I’m growing a playoff beard. I just hate the Devils and Islanders more then Indiana Jones hates Nazis.

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