Behold! The most NYC sandwich ever made (and more Friday linkage)

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Bacon egg and cheese on a toasted MetroCard, a classic Brooklyn delicacy. Photo via Fablo West

Presenting the most NYC sandwich ever: A BEC in between two student MetroCards

Bushwick DIY venue Shea Stadium is back
[Brooklyn Vegan]
ICE raids detained 41 people last week, including Bushwick residents [DNAinfo]
Ambitious gourmet “diner” Hail Mary closes in Greenpoint [Gothamist]
Tough choices face Bushwick as rezoning approaches [City Limits]
Iron Maidens all-female weightlifting competition returns to Gowanus [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
9 artists honor the man who put Brooklyn on the map [New York Times]
Woody Allen’s new film to be named “Wonder Wheel” [The Woody Allen Pages]
The sad socialist saga of the Park Slope Coop [New York Post]
Domino affordable housing gets 87,000 applicants for 104 apartments [Curbed]
The story of squats [Urban Omnibus]

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