like it or spike it

Like it or spike it? The Ikea TV

Uppleva, down with wires.

You know how on 30 Rock, Kabletown, NBC’s fictional parent company, is getting into the couch building business so they control every aspect of your home entertainment? This is kind of like that, but in reverse, and with a Swedish accent. Ikea announced it’s introducing a not-a-TV, not-a-piece-of-furniture device called the Uppleva, which is an all-in-one TV stand containing a Blue Ray player, speakers, a wireless subwoofer, and, in sleek Swedish style, a place to hide all your wires and connections. It’s hitting the market in the fall, with prices starting at $960 for the whole shebang. Is this a good deal for a TV? Would it break your very Brooklyn-y anti-TV prohibition in your home? Does it come pre-loaded with HBO so you can watch that hot new 20-something fantasy¬†Girls of Thrones?

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  1. SPIKE! Assembly alone would be impossible. Too many functions in one machine means that when one thing goes wrong, the entire system fails. And who wants to watch Swedish TV all the time? I mean, other than Swedes.

  2. conaldarcy

    I would never buy electronics made by a furniture company, especially a crappy furniture company.

    Though I long for the days of big cabinet televisions that were heavier than a couch.

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