Like it or spike it? Getting rid of trash cans on the subway

No trash cans? Rats!

Perhaps you’ve seen these signs popping up in a few stations around the city. If you have, you’ve probably seen them covered in graffiti to the tune of “ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME?” and “TAKING AWAY TRASH CANS TO PREVENT LITTER IS LIKE TAKING AWAY MEDICINE TO ELIMINATE GONORRHEA.” The MTA has been trying out this program to cut down on the amount of trash and rodents in subway stations by eliminating … trash cans. The MTA claims this counter-intuitive measure has worked in other cities. Starting Sept. 2, they’re expanding the program and getting rid of trash cans in two Brooklyn stations (they haven’t said which ones yet). So do you think this will work? Or are you just going to throw your trash on the tracks?


  1. I feel like you are either a person who throws their trash in the trash can or you’re not. I will continue to wait to find a trash can, while it may be more inconvenient, and others will continue to throw their garbage on the tracks like they’ve always done. It’ll be annoying, but I don’t think it will fix any trash problems.

      • I guess. But you and I DON’T throw our trash on the ground SIMPLY because there is no trash can. We do it because its the nice thing to do. I guess I just assume everyone feels this way. But you’re right. They probably don’t.

  2. Ayon in BK

    The tube in London doesn’t have trash cans, or at least it didn’t when I last visited 4 years ago and it was pretty darn clean. Nasty people should just be civilized and dump their trash in one of the trash cans on every corner when they get on the street.

  3. Alexis

    I’ve witnessed, at least twice, people dropping glass bottles in the middle of the busy pathway as they’ve become more and more as a method of bottling. Without trashcans, then what? These people certainly aren’t going to go into the subway with the broken glass to take it to the next stop, not that I would want them to anyway. Sounds like a dangerous situation.

  4. Carol

    I think this is code for “We don’t feel like paying people to take out the trash because we’re broke.” I’m on the fence as to whether it will work or not. A lot of people throw their trash on the tracks or the platform even if there are trash cans so… yeah.

  5. Sriracha

    I think this is a horrible idea. While this may work in areas like London or Tokyo, there are too many self-important NYers to wait until they are above ground to dispose of their garbage. I’ve seen people litter IN FRONT of a garbage can! Many don’t give a sh*t about anybody except for themselves. Not having trash cans around will just give them a bigger excuse to litter.

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