Life-saving freebie: kid car-seat inspection

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He has reason to worry.

Icy roads mean scary driving conditions, and while pretty much everyone can adjust mirrors, buckle safety belts and flick on the turn signal, 9 out of 10 drivers install their child seats incorrectly, according to national stats. We’ll spare you the grim results, but holiday road trips, snowy highways and tipsy drivers make winter the best time to take advantage of the New York City Department of Transportation’s free car-seat inspection, available at Woodhull Hospital (760 Broadway) in Bed-Stuy. (Click here for locations in other boroughs.) The technicians, who’ve passed 32-hour certification courses will walk you through everything you need to know to keep the small fries safe. For instance: did you know that kids should not be strapped into a car seat wearing a puffy snowsuit or parka? The bulk increases the movement of a child in a crash, and that’s definitely not a good thing. For info, click here. To make an appointment at Woodhull, call 718-963-6858.

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