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Video: Oncoming train forces subway rat to abandon takeout container

Unlike the celebrity subway rats which have come before – pizza rat, pole-dancing rat, trash rat and their ilk – leftovers rat was faced with a life or death situation and chose to abandon the leftovers container it’d been so determinedly dragging and flee an oncoming subway car. It’s like the end of Titanic, and the train is the ocean and the rat is Kate Winslet and the leftovers are DiCaprio. It’s a convoluted analogy, yes, but also clearly super accurate.

This footage, taken by Susan De Vries at the High St. A station last night around 7pm, asks more questions than it answers. If the leftovers had been more delicious, would the rat have remained by their side? Did the rat return for the leftovers after the train passed? What were the leftovers – or, perhaps, that container was full of the same contents as the briefcase in Pulp Fiction and the car trunk in Repo Man.

Rats may be the end of us (if you can’t beat em, join em), but at least we know they have their life over leftovers priorities straight.

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