Prospect-Lefferts co-op opens Sunday with open shopping day

lefferts community food co-op
They’re breaking out the balloons for you and everything. via Facebook

Park Slope’s low-price deliciousness monopoly is getting shaken this Sunday. A couple months ago we told you Prospect-Lefferts Gardens would be getting a food coop this year. Well the day has come and you no longer need to schlep all the way to Park Slope and use a stroller as a shopping cart just so you feel like you fit in, because the Lefferts Community Food Co-op is opening Sunday with an open shopping day for everyone.

Lefferts Community Food Co-op (324 Empire Blvd) will be open to anyone, not just members, from 11am-6pm this Sunday. They’re still building up their inventory, but they told us their offerings Sunday will include meat from Herondale Farm and produce from Miller’s Crossing. They’ll also have seasonal fare like squash, holiday chocolates, and Thanksgiving supplies. Most of their vendors are the same ones Park Slope Food Coop uses so we expect the selection to be pretty similar once they’re fully up and running.

Membership will cost $100 or $25 for low-income residents, plus a commitment of 3 hours volunteering at the co-op per month. There’s a special place in Brokelyn’s heart for the grocery store hustle, so we think we’ll be able to find those 3 hours to give.

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