Learn with your feet on Brooklyn walking tours this weekend

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How DID Brooklyn Bridge Park survive Sandy? via Facebook

As Brooklynites (and brokelynites) we’re all used to walking, because aside from living somewhere it makes sense to walk it’s also free. Until the last minute Bloomberg walking tax that is. But this weekend, instead of walking to get somewhere, the Municipal Art Society of New York wants to take you on some walks so you can learn something, or many things.

This weekend, MAS is leading their Jane’s Walks, educational tours around all five boroughs that delve into the recent and not-so-recent history of the city. The walks, named after Jane Jacobs, author and Robert Moses arch-enemy, are led by locals with a knowledge of their subject, and in Brooklyn, delve into some interesting areas. One walk explores how the Brooklyn Bridge Park managed to not be washed away by Sandy, another explores the murals in Gowanus that were sponsored by the group Groundswell, a third explores the changes occurring in Crown Heights over the past few years. RSVPs aren’t required and the tours are all free, so check them out here, especially if you’re looking for a weekend full of something other than tequila juleps.

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