Learn urban farming skills for free-I-EE-I-O

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Real live Brooklyn chickens. Photo via Flickr's Kristen Bonardi Rapp.

You already know about the deals at Dekalb Market, and the market’s special Sunday afternoon Fashion Week event. So while you’re there, why not become a chicken farmer too? This Sunday, 3rd Ward is bringing some of its “Epicuriosity” workshops to the market for free lessons in urban farming. From 5-8pm, check out two classes:  Chickens in the City with Megan Paska, where you can learn how to raise your (perfectly legal!) city coop, order and care for birds and more; followed by Seed Saving with Zach Pickens, where you can learn how to save seed from your garden to save money, preserve plant varieties and get a head-start on next year’s growing season. There’s also a happy hour and a request to BYO-shirt for screen painting. Check the details.

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