Ditmas Park/ Midwood/ Flatbush

Learn to unleash your inner bully-fighter

You know what's coming.
You know what's coming.

Maybe The Karate Kid is on the mind, and you’ve been inspired to whoop some ass Mr. Miyagi style. Or you’re just waiting for sweet revenge on the bully who flushed your retainer down the toilet in the third grade. Whatever the motivation, you’ve got good reason to register for the free July 16 Mixed Martial Arts workshop at Urban Martial Arts (965 Coney Island Ave. at Newkirk Ave.) in Ditmas Park. Show up, and not only will the sensei reveal the ancient art of the sucker punch, but you’ll walk (limp) away with a guest pass for two weeks of free classes. The workshop starts at 7 p.m. Learn more and register here.

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