Free classes will teach you the basics of coding, with kittens

Got a lot of work to do; gonna need some more Mountain Meow Code Red.
Got a lot of work to do; gonna need some more Mountain Meow Code Red.

If we know anything about the future, it’s that it will be inherited by those who know how to code, and that people will forever love looking at cats on a computer. You get to combine the two next week at a free coding workshop at NYU: the Kitten Coding Club on July 15 will be an introductory coding class, and it’s all based around the theme of cats.

The cats “are adorable and already an intrinsic part of the internet,” founder Ieva Urbaite tells us. “They set the tone for our fun, accessible, and supportive group. Every project will involve lots of adorable cat pictures while teaching solid coding skills.” No experience necessary; just bring a laptop, and at least a functional tolerance for cats.

The first class’s topic will be: HTML basics, which, we use a lot as filthy bloggers, but everyone should really have a grasp on by now, lest you be left out at parties when we’re making </end>  jokes and talking about how we never met a <div> tag we liked. But really, this kind of stuff comes in super handy when you’re trying to build your own portfolio, band website, blog or whathaveyou (which all you creatives should have by now) and are tearing your hair out trying to figure out WHY THERE ARE FUCKING EXTRA SPACES WHERE THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANY.

It’s hosted by the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, and will seek to present coding, from HTML to CSS in an easy, approachable and kitten-centric way.

The first one will be held July 15, at NYU’s building at 721 Broadway, from 6-8pm. More details here; RSVP here. [UPDATE 11:15 a.m.: looks like the first class is sold out, but you can still get on the waitlist. And check the Kitten Coding Club’s site for announcements about more classes]

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