Pro tip: Go buy your domain name right this second

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This is advice I give out to so often it’s worth codifying: if you’re in media, journalism, acting, music, painting, social media, personal massage, boutique zoology or anything where someone in the public might want to find you easily, go here [or your preferred register!] this instant and buy your name .com. Even if you don’t build a site on it immediately, it’s just $10 a year to park. Think about it this way: do you want someone else with your name to own it? Next thing you know, you’ll be running for office on a Tea Party platform in California, only to find some snarky blogger in Brooklyn already took your domain. If I click on one more MySpace that belongs to a so-called professional, I’m going to buy your domain and fill it with Bieber slash fiction out of spite.


  1. Of course, there’s always this to think about:

  2. MySpace forever. Also, don’t listen to Tim everyone, he’s just looking for an outlet to publish the reams of Bieber fanfic he’s got lying around.

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