Kickstart your movie career at the Brooklyn Film Festival

Learn how to pack a warehouse roof. Via IndieNYC.
Learn how to pack a warehouse roof. Via IndieNYC.

The Brooklyn Film Festival kicks off tonight, and that’s cool for film buffs, summer festival enthusiasts, and people who can spend $100 this week on something other than groceries and booze. But what about the rest of us? If you wanna be around all the film geekery but you’re looking for something a little more free, then you might wanna consider the second annual BFF Exchange, a networking event that’s going down next Saturday, June 8. And don’t worry, BFF stands for “Brooklyn Film Festival,” so you won’t be sitting though any tired old seminars about incorporating more slang into your “personal brand.”

The day-long program, going down at indieScreen (289 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg) begins at 10am with Kickstarter University, which will probably give you more information on how to successfully make money than any other university ever has. Plus it’s run by Elisabeth Holm, the director of Kickstarter’s film program, so you can trust that she probably knows a thing or two about how to squeeze money out of that damn website.

The rest of the itinerary includes mostly practical and actually interesting-sounding stuff like watching documentary filmmakers pitch their projects to industry professionals and participating in a discussion on how to break into the short film circuit. And if you’re not sold on it yet, there’s a happy hour at the end. Duh.

So go get your free on next Saturday, and if you have a little extra scratch, maybe check out BFF’s opening screening and afterparty tonight. You might even see something you like…besides complimentary beer.

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