Construction jobs for ladies? You can do it!

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Alexis Bledel: Brooklyn resident, aspiring riveter.

It’s easy for us ladies to get shut out of jobs requiring manual labor or technical expertise. For the females out there who are sick of being hostesses and secretaries, Nontraditional Employment for Women will help you get a job in the construction, transportation, energy or other physical industries. They offer career development programs and trainings, as well as casework and childcare. It should be noted that these jobs tend to be physically demanding for women OR men, but NEW also assists in physical fitness training. They estimate you could earn between $10-17 an hour your first year, but that can go up to $45 after an apprenticeship program! These are secure union positions with medical benefits and pensions (seriously, they still exist). Presently, only 3 percent of construction jobs are filled by women. This obviously needs to change, although it does make for good odds on the after work drink front…

NEW also specifically seeks women who “want to change their lives,” so if you are unemployed, underemployed or in a lame-ass sector that doesn’t let you wear helmets indoors, then this is your chance to escape. At the very least, we here at Brokelyn hope you have fun being the whistler instead of the whistlee.

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