L Train Gas Aroma Hospitalizes Workers

Just in time to raise fresh doubts on the Cuomo L train plan to keep the Canarsie tunnel in operation while crews fix the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy, many L train riders and MTA workers are reportedly getting sick from inhaling the mysterious and noxious gas odors floating around the Graham Avenue and Lorimer Street stations.

Fans are now installed above the Graham Avenue L train station to help suck out the gas smell that has made at least three MTA workers sick, which the MTA says is non-toxic, according to NY1.

NYC Councilmember called for the MTA to cease L train operation Wednesday night while the source of the smell is inspected.

The state DEC claims to have discovered water seepage in the subway with “sheens” giving off “aged petroleum odors” in a nod to the oil spill history of the region, the NY Daily News reports.

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