L-ame: L train isn’t running late-night all month in August

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“L” stands for “Losers take the train” next month. via Flickr user *Bitch Cakes*

If there’s one thing that’s truly great about the subway, it’s that it runs all day and night, ferrying people where they need to get to at all hours. Or uh, it’s supposed to. We’ve got bad news for anyone who really loves hanging out in L train stations late at night: from Monday, August 5 until Friday, August 30, the L isn’t running between Lorimer Street and Myrtle-Wyckoff every weeknight between 11:45pm and 5am. Maybe they’re making things nice enough down there to justify a $168 MetroCard?

For many of you, maybe this isn’t a huge deal, but for anyone who works retail or off-hours at a job, you have our sympathy, because there’s nothing like getting off of work late only to have to take a train and then a shuttle at 1am. There’s no reason given for the service change, though we imagine it’s the ever-mysterious “track work.” Either that or investigators are trying to figure out where Anthony Weiner buried Barabara Morgan.

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  1. Bummer indeed, but what it is. Hopefully they extend the M from Myrtle/Broadway up 6th Avenue to 57th Street… though I have my doubts.

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