Kwanzaa Crawl returns this month to support Black-owned Brooklyn bars

The bar crawl was not born fratty – frattiness was thrust upon it. Every once in a while, a bar crawl crawls along to redeem the reputation of a bar crawl and the very idea of drinking at multiple bars in the same night with a group, distancing the crawl concept from images of vomiting bros in Santa suits and the dregs of Jersey imbibing in Midtown.Last year’s Kwanzaa Crawl.

This crawl is most definitely among the redeemers. Kwanzaa Crawl is returning for its second year, inviting people of the African diaspora to come together and support Black-owned bars in Harlem and neighborhoods across Brooklyn, from Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights to Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, and Park Slope. Crawlers are encouraged to dress in “whatever makes them feel unapologetically Black and beautiful,” for the day of drinking, which this year will take place the day after Christmas on Tuesday, December 26.


Kwanzaa Crawl will cover 25+ bars across the two boroughs, and go from noon to 1am. The event is presented by Brooklyn born comedian Kerry Coddett‘s Operation Mobilize. Tickets are $20 and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Black-owned organizations Barbershop Books and The Blk Projek. Public Advocate Letitia James and other local pols are helping to sponsor the event.

The crawl has a number of different starting points and “teams”. All Kwanzaa Crawl-ers will get a Kwanzaa Crawl Map, wristband, and cup.

Be sure to check out “Kwanzaa, Actually” for some pre-crawl Kwanzaa web series fun.

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