Just Colin Powell, hanging out at AfroPunk Fest, and not the VMAs [UPDATE: It was the Hamptons]

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Ellen Degeneres still looks cooler than Miley Cyrus did. via Questlove’s Instagram

If you were able to focus on anything but Miley Cyrus loudly announcing to the world that she had a vagina and wouldn’t you all look to see it, you’d have noticed that Pharrell wasn’t there to support Robin Thicke during his “Blurred Lines” performance. Wanna know why? Because Pharrell was hanging out where the real fun was, at the AfroPunk Fest at Commodore Berry Park wanted to be as far away from that train wreck as possible. Questlove captured the scene, going down just a mile from the over-produced gladhanding that celebrated Macklemore over and over, in which Pharrell, Jamie Foxx and Ellen Degeneres and Colin Powell were just hanging out, jamming and dancing. But hey, how about that ‘NSYNC reunion. Shocking and unexpected, huh?

[UPDATE: Turns out that picture was taken in the Hamptons. We still mean everything we said about Miley Cyrus and Macklemore, and that’s still a bizarre picture]

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