Join Brokelyn in saying goodbye to the Beautiful Mind of puns

Noah (left) was the breast punner there ever was. Conal was OK too.

If you were lucky enough to have caught Noah Smith dominating at Punderdome (where he was described as a “cast-away Ron Howard” and took away eight championships), or blessed enough to be served by him at Trader Joe’s (where he was described as a “put-together Ron Howard”), then you’ll know why we’re flogging a good-bye comedy show in his honor. A long-time Brokelyn friend, Noah (with help of Punderdome co-host Jo Firestone) is saying goodbye to NYC with a show featuring puns, standup and general feeling of well-being mixed with wistful regret before he moves away. There’s also a bonus Q&A session with a panel of Brokelyn, er, panelists, paneling like no panels past or present. (We’re not just good looks here at Brokelyn.)

So join us, won’t you? The Noah Philip Smith Presents The Noah Philip Smith Farewell Spectacular: A Spectacular Farewell will be on July 27 at Littlefield at 7:30pm.

Not many people have heard of Noah Smith. Hell, I’ve known him for three years and I keep introducing myself to him every time we meet. But that’s a shame, because he is truly a Beautiful-Mind-esque savant of puns, and he’s leaving New York for his native Ohio. As Donne said, “if a clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe is the lesse.”

Though Noah has often been called a clod, our loss of him is your loss, too. If you want to see what we mean, check out the show. It will be a glorious sendoff to the coolest person you never met.

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