Jimmy McMillan has a sparse, haunting new single

Since he so far doesn’t seem up for challenging the Andrew Cuomo for governor this year, and who can blame him, considering Cuomo always looks within an inch of reaching down your throat and pulling out your liver, Jimmy McMillan is ramping up his music career. His newest track “Jimmy Mack” hits the same themes we know McMillan for (fighting the landlord, we work too hard to pay this bullshit rent, they say I’m crazy) with a kind of spoken word over a slowed down sample of Martha and the Vandellas. The timing is definitely fortuitous, what with the latest rent news, but, not to get all Pitchfork on you, but the single still doesn’t hit the amazing ¬†highs of his first single, “Rent Is Too Damn High Anthem.”

jimmy mcmillan

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