The Brokelyn Ball: pics, prizes, props

Picture 2There’s a weird unease you get when throwing a party and you don’t know whether people are going to show up, whether the kegs will last, if a troupe of circus performers will show up in full-body pantyhose and strip and gyrate on the floor. At least, that’s what we worry about at a Brokelyn party. But we needn’t have, because last night’s Brokelyn Birthday Bash/RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY rocked our frackin’ cut-off tux-pants off.

Everyone looked sharp, the jams from DJ Small Change and DJ Lani Love were kicking, the free Reyka vodka was delicious (and strong) and at some point  (as you would expect from a faux-high-class gala), the event devolved into series of icings and even one reverse icing (we are BRO-kelyn, after all).

Like any good BK blog event, a billion and a half pictures have already popped up online. Check out (and add to!) our Flickr pool, and more pics from the photographers who donated their services last night: RyeSpy, Davis Cox and Jenn Romaniszak.

A lucky raffle winner revels in her victory

We owe a HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors who contributed items for the RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY, and hope you’ll support them and the Brooklyn Public Library! A reminder, in no particular order: Five Leaves; Guvnors Vintage Thrift; Buttermilk Channel; The Meat Hook; Red Hook Lobster Pound; 3rd Ward; Rugby Gardens B&B; Market; TB Ackerson; Slope Suds; Cog & Pearl; Beehive Spa & Downtime Salon; GoodYoga; SlopeSuds; Art of Fitness; George Barberis; Skybox Studio; Green Kitchen; Punk Rope; BAM Cinema, the V-Spot restaurant and American Express!

Also a big thanks to Night Owl for providing the space and Bob Bland for being a superb hostess (and applause-o-meter).

On a sincere note, it’s no secret that it’s notoriously difficult to make money in the blogging world. Everyone on Team Brokelyn volunteers their time to report, edit, photograph and write for the site because we all truly believe in the value of real reporting and local journalism, and we’re proud of the service we’re trying to provide for struggling Brooklynites. The Brokelyn ethos is that you should be able to do what you love, financial impediments or situational challenges be damned. When we hold an event like this and see dozens and dozens of like-minded people come out to support our cause, it fills our shabby hearts with a special kind of joy money can’t buy.

As we head into Year Two of Brokelyn, we’d like to thank you most of all, Brokelyn fans. You keep reading ’em, we’ll keep writing ’em.

And we’ll try to bring you more stuff like this at the next party:

Spazz hands


  1. Michael

    It was an insanely rad shindig to be certain. Since I attended the jam last night instead of doing laundry, I totally wore my Brokelyn shirt today.

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