Item! Which 90s-era Def Jam artist is filming a video in Fort Greene tonight?

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Who is it??

The Local today turns us on to this Craigslist casting call seeking extras to be in a “concert crowd” for a “former 90s Def Jam artist who is releasing a new solo album,” in a video “produced by an Emmy award winning filmmaker.” Sounds enticing! Or maybe sounds lame! But assuming it is someone you’d recognize, who could this blind item be about? Dru Hill? Ja Rule? Musiq? LL? Montell? SISQO?? Someone go take part to find out for us and we’ll let you see our thong. 

The rest of the ad says:

We’re looking for at least 20 people (men and women) of various ages, ethnicities, and body types to be in the audience of a performance from 8-11pm at a nightclub in Fort Greene, Brooklyn TOMORROW Monday, April 23rd. All we expect from you is to have a good time, enjoy the music and give love to the artists performing on stage. No acting experience required.

Interested parties should send a photo as well as email/phone contact. You will receive credit on the video. There is no monetary compensation.

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