Sweet internship alert: Hack the sky at Brooklyn Aerodrome

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The only time I’ve seen a tennis racket fly is when I’ve thrown it. Via the Brooklyn Aerodrome

So you’re looking for an internship but don’t want to get stuck making copies or doing menial work. I don’t blame you, that isn’t any fun at all and its educational value outside of teaching you that work sucks, is questionable. Really, what you’d rather do is build RC airplanes, but who’s ever heard of that being an internship? Well you’re in luck now, because the Brooklyn Aerodrome, the borough’s premier remote controlled airplane experts, is looking for an intern to help them do just that.

With a book, DIY RC Airplanes from Scratch: The Brooklyn Aerodrome Bible for Hacking the Sky in the works, the Aerodrome is looking for an unpaid intern to give them 10-20 hours per week to help with photography and video, make sure their instructions are in order and, oh yeah, help build RC airplanes.

The ability to fly them isn’t required, the Aerodrome folks will teach you that, but you do need decent “hobby skills” like soldering and knowing your way around an exacto knife, and photography skills will endear you to them even more. Your reward, outside of, again, helping to freaking build tiny airplanes, is an intern credit in the book and your own plane to take home.

If this opportunity already has your imagination taking flight, shoot a resume over to [email protected] And good luck. We’re all counting on you.

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