Instagram all-stars: Win a free tour of the New York Times printing plant

new york times printing plant
Rumor has it you can hear the papers scream as they make their way through the plant.

Are you amassing tons of Instagram followers without even posting pictures of your incredible butt, and still you missed out on being NYC’s Instagram Ambassador? If you’re still smarting from that slight, we’ve got an offer that might make you calm down a bit. The New York Times is opening up their printing plant to a select few for a rare tour, and they’re picking people based on the strength of their Instagram portfolios.

The tours of the distinct-looking plant in Queens are usually given only  to educational groups. But the Times wants to stay hip to what the kids are doing, and in recognition of the fact that people are getting together with their Instagram pals, they’re asking people to submit their Instagram portfolios for a chance to see where the liberal media headquarters puts the ink to paper. If you want to see the robots, presses and according to the Times “opportunities for fantastic Instagrams,” head here and fill out their form, and wait for January 15. Maybe you’ll get one over on that lousy Instagram ambassador after all.


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