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This is what we love about NYC, but this probably won’t end up in the library. Photo by Tim Donnelly

New York has plenty of photogenic sights and photogenic people. It’s why it’s called “The City that Says ‘Cheese.'”* So, with that in mind, of course there’s an Instagram contest to see who can upload the best picture of something they’ve seen in the city. If you win, you get your photo digitally hung in the New York Public Library. And Lord knows your novel ain’t getting in there.

Sorry, that was mean and off-topic. Anyway, the #LoveNYC contest is pretty simple. Between now and August 18, take a great photo of a sight you can only see here in the NYC, upload it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #loveNYC. Five people from each borough will be selected by judges, ranging from cool (Humans of New York founder Brandon Stanton) to not so cool (Bloomberg aide Howard Wolfson).

After the judging culls the great photos from the merely good, each borough’s representatives will have their picture put up for a Facebook vote, with the winners from each borough crowned NYC’s Instagram ambassadors. That means pictures you take of the city will be featured by the city. That’s in addition to your winning photo being digitally displayed at the NYPL. So you know, if you win, keep your selfies of you making out with people in front of NYC landmarks tasteful.

*Not at all true

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  1. Also, are you sure that that’s the hash tag you want to go with? There are already 35,000 instagram hashtags for that already. Seems like a lot to cull through! Fun contest. I’m excited to take part.

    • This is the City of NY’s contest, not Brokelyn’s. I personally would have gone with something a little more unique myself, but I’m also not running a city.

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