‘Inside Inside’ gives a glimpse into your neighbor’s apartment…and his thoughts

Sure it's a nice apartment, but what are they feeling? Photo by Chelsea Russell
Sure it’s a nice apartment, but what are they feeling? Photo by Chelsea Russell

It’s natural when you’re walking past an apartment to wonder, “What’s it look like in there? Is their fridge nicer than mine? What’s their bookshelf filled with? They don’t have windows in their bedroom either, right? That’s normal?” Sadly, you usually don’t get to answer that question. Until now, that is, thanks to Brooklyn’s queen of weird anti-comedy, Jo Firestone. Firestone took the visual component of the apartment porn of shows like¬†Cribs¬†but instead of having the apartment owner talk about their pad, they talk about their biggest personal failing.

This inaugural edition of the series peeks into the apartment of Aaron Jackson, who tells us about his struggles with being an exceptionally lazy person while the camera lovingly explores his bookshelf, bedroom, kitchen and other room. It’s a little sad, little weird, funny and also poetic. And if you were feeling bad about being lazy, this will destroy those feelings as we meet perhaps the laziest man on Earth, someone who sets appointments for after two o’clock, just in case he feels the need to sleep in.

Inside Inside: Lazy from Jo Firestone on Vimeo.

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