Inked by dawn: Bruce Campbell to pay for your ‘Evil Dead’ remake tattoo

Would you trust this face to pay up?
Would you trust this face to pay up?

It’s easy to be skeptical of re-makes, especially from classic, weird movies, like The Evil Dead. But, no matter what we do, movie studios keep churning out remakes. Like, for example, of The Evil Dead. But, most remakes don’t have an awesome marketing stunt like Bruce Campbell offering to pay for a tattoo you get of the movie:

The tattoo has to be of the remake, so you can’t get a Bruce Campbell as Ash tattoo. BUT you could get one of Lou Taylor Pucci getting eaten by a demon. Or Diablo Cody reading a copy of the Necronomicon, since she helped write the screenplay for this. Whatever you get, better hurry, since Bruce said he’d only pay for one tattoo. And if you, a hardy Brokelyn reader get the ink, send us a picture.

[h/t Topless Robot]

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