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You know that annoying bag of circulars and coupons that lands your stoop every week? Don’t throw it away without at least a cursory glance. This week, you’d be missing out on this week’s top deal: FIVE Pepsi 12-packs for $11 at Stop & Shop, on Flatbush between Tilden and Bedford. What, is there a vending machine near you that accepts 18 cents a can? The catch: you have to buy five to get the deal. Rough stuff if you’re riding the B41, so best to rent a car. We scoff at you, Walgreens pennysaver, with your four Coke and Pepsi 12-packs for $12—with coupon (highway robbery at 25 cents a can!) Nor can Walgreens compete with its $6.99 eight-pack of Brawny Paper Towel (again with the coupon)—that same eight-pack is just $5 at Stop & Shop.

picture-123Elsewhere in the circulars: Pigs’ feet are 79 cents at CTown. Is that a deal? Special-order kitchens are up to $5,000 off at Home Depot, but you have to spend $25,000. Ride over on a Schwinn bike, 25 percent off at Toys R Us. Sears, Home Depot and Lowes are suspiciously comparable on grill prices, but this totally impractical white Kenmore grill (left) caught our fancy. Nothing doing at $499.99, even though they say it’s $100 off. But meow!

And finally, only on Saturday, May 23: Ikea’s Poang armchair (below) is $39, regularly $89.99. (Saturday through Monday, breakfast is free until 10:30. Meatball omelets?) We’re going to make this our new, Diet Pepsi-sipping, supermarket-circular-reading easy chair. See what you’ve been missing? picture-153

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