In the air tonight: Phil Collins Day celebration heads to the Rockaways

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Celebrate. via Flickr user Your Secret Admiral

While everyone is busy fretting over Valentine’s Day plans in this month of cold and loneliness, there’s a group of people out there who realized they could make up their own damn holiday while still celebrating love. So the day after Valentine’s Day became Phil Collins Day, because who knows more about love than the man who cautioned us that you can’t hurry it? The holiday is in its seventh year, and after events ranging from a parade through Greenpoint to a dance party, it’s showing no sign of slowing down. This year? They pay tribute to a drummer the best way possible: by drumming of course.

Bring a drum, some pots and pans, whatever you’ve got that can make some noise and join up with the drum circle that’s going down on 112th Street and the beach in the Rockaways tomorrow at 3pm. If you strike out on Valentine’s Day, maybe this can be the genesis of a whole new love life for you.

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