Fab Brooklyn field trip: Erie Basin Park

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A happy Erie Basin Parkgoer. Photo by Timothy Krause.

For no reason in particular, it’s double-shot-of-Ikea Friday! Even if tonight’s lingonberry meatballs aren’t your thing, you have all summer and beyond to explore Ikea’s adjacent Erie Basin Park, as it’s officially called, one of the most underutilized outdoor spaces in Brooklyn. We discovered it recently, and now no trip for particleboard shelves is complete without at least an hour lolling amid the reedy something-or-other grasses or taking a round-trip cruise on the (hello! free on weekends!) Ikea water taxi. If you haven’t noticed that the blue corrugated mega-box is surrounded by picturesque parkstuffs, click the pic below to see a wondrous photo collection by Broketographer Timothy Krause. Thanks Tim!


More happy, and extremely cute, parkgoers at Ikea Erie Basin Park. Photo by Timothy Krause.



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