Huzzah for Brooklyn! Home to three of the ten best libraries in NYC!

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Bed-Stuy’s Macon Library: ’tis a fine library indeed. via the Brooklyn Public Library Flickr

We’ve long been pushing the idea of Brooklyn as a literary mecca, what with grumpy English writers living here, our neighborhoods that are hotspots for booklearnin’ and minor celebrities debuting raps at Brooklyn Book Week. And today, we can share another piece of evidence in our insistence about Brooklyn being the best place in the city for words: three of the ten libraries in the running for the NYC Neighborhood Library Awards are from Brooklyn. Take that, other boroughs!

Now, you might be thinking, “Three, big deal. I have more fingers than that.” Well, Mr. Smart Guy, since the awards deal with libraries throughout the city, having three libraries in the top ten gives us the more finalists than every other borough has. Woo! The three Brooklyn libraries are: the Kings Bay Library, the Macon Library and the Sheepshead Bay Library.

The contest, which got over 4000 nominations from New Yorkers who were very proud of their local libraries, now moves on to a phase in which a panel of judges determines which five libraries get $10,000 each and which five get $5,000. The voters are a hodgepodge of literary types, including Kurt Andersen of WNYC and R.L. Stine. Yes, the Goosebumps R.L. Stine. So if all three BK libraries don’t walk away with ten grand, you’ll have to go back to your parents house and throw all your old Goosebumps in the river. Sorry, it’s just how it is.


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