Finally, a formal gathering to hone your hustle – Hustle Fest: A Freelance Career Fair

Oh the joys of freelancing. While no one’s doing it for the incredible health insurance or the prompt pay and the reliability of the lifestyle, the hustle really is an art form.

Offering a rare opportunity to formally hone your hustle, Williamsburg’s New Women Space is hosting a full day of workshops and networking on making more money as a freelancer, scoring a great client, and kicking ass – freelancer style. Workshops include Personal Branding for Freelance Unicorns, UX Design Thinking that Will Make You More Money, Learning to Negotiate and Understand Your Creative Contract, How to Actually Get Work as a Freelancer, and Negotiating Your Worth As a Freelancer. The workshop hosts / providers of freelancer wisdom include a disillusioned former brand executive and longtime freelancers ready and able to share their hard-sought advice with you.

The workshops go from noon to 6pm, after which you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an hour’s worth of the crux of freelancer culture – happy hour.

Early bird tickets are sold out and general admission will run you $25. The event will take place on Saturday, June 10 from noon to 7pm at the New Women Space, located at 188 Woodpoint Road. You can buy tickets on The Internet.



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