‘Human Telegraphs’: Would you deliver intimate messages in person to make rent?

We live in an age where we allow our feelings to be lost in translation via text message, and yet even with the knowledge that our thoughts would be conveyed correctly if we just called the person, we shudder at the idea of talking to someone on the phone. So, what if we brought in a new medium to express ourselves to one another? Like, humans? Bots won’t do the trick, and there are too many times it would be gauche to break certain news over the phone, let alone through a robot. But a human, with a face and a voice, that has felt emotions, now that, that could work.

That’s where the human telegraphs come in: rather than break up with your significant other face-to-face, you can now hire someone to do your dirty work for you. Trisha, Margot, and Lily are your human telegraphs; for a small fee, they write your message down in their notebook and deliver the news you were too much of a pussy to deliver yourself.


Would you trust this trio to deliver your intimate messages?
Would you trust this trio to deliver your intimate messages?

Don’t be mad you didn’t think of it first, okay? As a broke Brooklynite this idea is bold, smart, and…probably not actually plausible. But the idea of outsourcing all messages and of bringing a face/soothing voice to all texts (without being the bearer of bad news) is pretty intuitive. However, this service would possibly erase all empathy we have as individuals and as a society. Who do we become when we just pay a person to deliver bad news and not deal with the emotional fallout? Assholes, that’s what.

We learn in the pilot episode of “Human Telegraphs” that with great emotional power, comes great emotional responsibility. Will these women be able to juggle the harsh realities of their new career breaking substantial news and by proxy becomes these strangers’ shoulder to cry on?

The idea of balancing money while chasing our big NYC dreams to this extreme is intriguing and for some will hit a little too close to home. Watching the first episode I saw a version of myself in these women as I desperately make ends meet every four weeks in the city that is so unforgiving. It stung a little. What are we willing to sacrifice? And how far are we willing to go into uncharted territory for the almighty dollar?


I really hope he's about to hear some good news...
I really hope he’s about to hear some good news…

Dealing with raw emotions of all kinds, the Human Telegraphs will have to decide if the social responsibility and mental load is worth the financial independence. Could you break awful news to a stranger for a buck? I don’t know if I could, my social anxiety is already sky high.

The cast is quirky, endearing, and determined. Also, I find Kayla’s voice extremely soothing and want her to read all my texts to me from this point forward. But don’t let their sweet facade fool you, these women get their hands dirty.

The creators of Human Telegraphs – Kayla Conroy, Fern Lim and Rachel Kay Barclay – have created a refreshing, binge-worthy series with a lighthearted vibe allowing the viewers to ask the dark question: When you hold the fate of strangers in your notepad, how far is too far for a pretty penny?

Watch the pilot episode here and contribute to their campaign page here for more episodes!

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