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How far will you go to save a swipe?

bike hauling
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The subway’s a great way to travel—for a day at the Rockaways, an occasional night out, that elusive paying job in the city—so many things. But, let’s face it: The $2.25 adds up. Quick. And now, new rules are looking to make it almost impossible to borrow your neighbor’s unlimited card and ride for free. So, Brokelyn’s gotta ask: What’s the furthest you’ll go to avoid a subway fare? As we massage our bike-weary legs, let’s toast to war stories like hauling gigantic mirrors in heels, balancing six blinds on your handlebars over pot-holes or walking miles because you just couldn’t justify the expenditure. How far will you go to save a swipe? Dollar van? Hitchhike? Hang glider?


  1. Not even for the rockaways! I biked there last week and it was fantastic! crossing the jamaica bay was so soothing. I cannot say “screw the MTA” because if you think about it, they are so broke, but i’m not paying almost Three dollars to get somewhere i can biking. So, bike it is!

  2. Tim Donnelly

    I once walked the entire length of Manhattan from 116th St to 23rd street in lieu of taking the subway. Mostly because I was looking for a place to find a wallet and figured I’d run into one along the way. The best we did was K Mart, and there were no wallets to be found there.

  3. The best you did was k-mart? Along the entire length of Manhattan? What?
    There was a period in my life, not so long ago, I had to budget out friends from my life, because they cost a subway ride (AND BACK) to see. Really showed me who was worth $4.50….and who wasn’t.

  4. mattbklyn

    its not that bad.
    speaking as someone who rarely takes the train outside of the typical back-and-forth from work, 90 rides a month still easily covers my commute as well as a few extra for my strapped neighbors. that works out to approximately 3 per day, including weekends.

  5. I’d walk in Manhattan (but lived in Bklyn and now in Queens) to get the most out of my 4.50 trip. The furthest for me to date is probably the West 40s to LES. It causes way more shopping ($$$ out the door!) than intended. I try to plan all events in one day within one neighborhood so that I can get to them back to back via foot. I miss my unlimited dearly.

  6. TrivialPursuits

    I once walked from 14th and 1st to 81st and Columbus. My sore arches and aching calves ensured I stayed in the following night. More money saved!

  7. Pretty much never ever take any public transit. I bike everywhere, even for tiny errands running into mid-town Manhattan all the way from Bed Stuy. The only time I don’t bike is if I have to go somewhere and need to show up clean but it’s raining outside or if it’s extremely far/hot and need to also show up clean/unfrazzled or have to bring my computer with me….it’s a behemoth.

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